IPSA Global Headquarters

International Protective Service Agency (IPSA), is a division of International Protection Group, LLC (IPG) and was established in 1989. We have worked in over 70 countries throughout the globe and we continue to expand services every year. Our staff, operators, and agents are highly qualified professionals with years of experience providing a high standard of service to all our clients on a worldwide basis.

IPSA's global headquarters is located inside the iconic Wyndham New Yorker Hotel in New York City and we provide protective services on a worldwide basis. Our operations center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by trained personnel. Management and Supervisors are able to respond quickly and efficiently to any situation that may occur.

Our Executive Team is comprised of professionals with many years of experience in Corporate and Contract Security Management, Law Enforcement, Executive Protection, and Special Event Security. When you meet with us to discuss your needs, a member of our Senior Management will work with you to set realistic goals for your security program. Our operations staff takes a proactive approach, setting up close working relationships with each client, doing the necessary advance work and surveys before the assignment begins, and assists you and our training department in developing site specific procedures for the personnel involved. The partnership between our management and our clients sets us apart from the rest of the industry, and allows us to deliver the personalized service we have become known for.